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Mental Performance Consultantation Services at Athlete's Care Ottawa

Professional, Olympic, and amateur athletes alike can benefit from the services of a Mental Performance Consultant at our Ottawa clinics. Sports psychologists can help you remove psychological barriers to recovery and further success and help to improve your overall performance. We're pleased to offer Mental Performance consultations as part of a multidisciplinary practice at two convenient Ottawa locations.

What is a Mental Performance Consultation?

In sports, the coach emphasizes the physical and technical aspects of play. Sports psychologists turn the focus to the athlete's mental processes. Both professional and amateur athletes at our Ottawa clinics have successfully used Mental Performance consultations to help achieve their goals.

Mental performance evaluation is an interdisciplinary science and the Mental Performance Consultant at our Ottawa clinics is an expert in many related fields, including biomechanics, physiology, kinesiology and psychology. Mental performance evaluation looks at how psychological elements are affecting physical performance. It can also look at how participating in sports can affect a person psychologically. The study can help athletes recover from injury or accidents as well as improve overall performance by removing or alleviating any psychological barriers.

Athletes may lose focus or become anxious about an injured limb. They may be hesitant to put weight on a limb that has recently healed or hold back from making a full effort due to a lingering psychological fear. A Mental Performance consultation can be of use at any time to help both professional and amateur athletes improve in a variety of ways,

How Can I Benefit from a Mental Performance Consultation at Athlete's Care Ottawa?

The Mental Performance Consultant providing services at our Ottawa facilities uses empirically derived strategies to develop a plan that will be customized to your individual needs.

The services of a Mental Skills Consultant can help you to,

• Deal with pressures and stress by understanding them and regulating your responses
• Build your confidence
• Improve concentration and attention span
• Build motivation and goal setting skills
• Develop pre-performance routines to put you into the right mindset
• Rehabilitate and return to normal activity levels after an injury
• Teach you performance enhancing techniques such as visualization, self-talk and relaxation strategies
• They can also help you to tolerate pain during the recovery process
• Offer parent consultations
• And more

Your Mental Performance Consultation at Athlete's Care Ottawa
The Mental Skills Consultant practising at our Ottawa clinics will help you develop a comprehensive plan along with specific strategies to help meet your goals whether you are recovering from injury or looking to improve your overall performance levels.

The first step generally involves an extensive and detailed interview process designed to give the Mental Performance Consultant a good overview of the issues involved in your situation. They will also administer a comprehensive assessment battery to help determine your strengths and limitations as it relates to your psychological skill set.

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