Products  Knee Braces & Sleeves

Off-The-Shelf Knee Braces
knee brace epX J-Brace toronto
epX J-Brace
  • Tubular "J" buttress and dynamic pull strap provide excellent patella tracking assistance


knee brace Dynatrack Patella Stabilizer toronto
Dynatrack™ Patella Stabilizer
  • Easily adjustable wraparound design
  • Large popliteal opening permits a high degree of flexion without discomfort.

knee brace Target Knee-O-Trakker toronto
Target Knee-O-Trakker
  • Low profile patella stabilizing brace that provides medial or lateral stabilization for patella mal-tracking conditions


knee brace Donjoy Tru-Pull Advanced System toronto
Donjoy Tru-Pull® Advanced System
  • Designed to place a dynamic pull on the patella during knee extension to normalize tracking in the intracondylar groove


knee brace ChoPat Knee Strap toronto
ChoPat® Knee Strap
  • The strap guides the kneecap into place and elevates it slightly, further reducing harmful pressure


knee brace Winner Knee Strap toronto
Winner Knee Strap                                                            
  • Guides the kneecap into place
  • Slightly elevates the kneecap


knee brace Levy Knee Strap toronto
Levy Knee Strap
  • Allows full mobility
  • Curved shape keeps the contact closure below the popliteal crease


knee brace Kneed-It Knee Strap toronto
Kneed-It Knee Strap
  • Designed to assist in the relief of minor knee pain by placing gentle pressure along the medial and lateral soft tissue of the knee

knee brace Patellovator Knee Orthrosis toronto
Patellavator® Knee Orthrosis
  • Low profile design
  • Applies pressure to patellar tendon without creating a tourniquet or irritating popliteal area
  • Interlocking base strap made of Coolflex material which flexes with the knee

knee brace Drytex Hinged Knee toronto
Drytex® Hinged Knee
  • Cool and breathable Drytex® sleeve with bilateral hinges that offer flexion and extension control 


knee brace Donjoy Playmaker toronto
Donjoy Playmaker®
  • Cool and breathable Drytex® sleeve with bilateral hinges that offer flexion and extension control
  • Versatile strapping configurations

knee brace GII Paradigm toronto
GII Paradigm™
  • Same high performance design as the custom Paradigmâ„¢
  • Thermalplastic can be heated and formed to optimize comfort

knee brace Donjoy Armor Knee Brace toronto
Donjoy Armor Knee Brace
  • Donjoy's strongest patient-ready knee ligament brace
  • Made of strong aircraft grade aluminum
  • Same design, strapping method and hinges as the Fource Point

knee brace Donjoy OA Everyday toronto
Donjoy OA Everyday™
  • Donjoy's easiest to use, patient-ready OA knee brace
  • Ideally suited for activities of daily living


Custom Knee Braces - Ligament
C.Ti.2 Vapour
  • The lightest C.Ti.2 model provides functional support for patients engaged in non-contact, non-impact activities

GII Paradigm™
  • Double upright, geared polycentric hinges built into a rigid
  • Moulder carbon fibre Triax® thermoplastic provides the highest suspension and stability

Donjoy Defiance® III
  • Custom fabricated knee brace made of a lightweight carbon fibre
  • Ideally suited for extreme, water, contact, and non-contact sports

Donjoy Defiance Fource Point                                                         

Custom Knee Braces - OA
Donjoy Adjustable OA Defiance® III
  • Donjoys premiere OA product
  • Designed for the active OA patient that does not want to compromise their level of activity
  • Patented telescoping condyle pad puts the load control in the hands of the patient

Omni Icon Force
  • Custom composite brace with a choice of patented X-Cell thigh section or a rigid molded thigh
  • Unique Tibial Lock for brace stability and constant tibial force

GII Adjustable OA Brace                                                                                           

Donjoy OA Lite