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Ergonomic Assessments at our Ottawa Clinics

Our Athlete's Care Ottawa team of sports medicine doctors and other medical practitioners can provide you with a detailed ergonomic analysis of your work station. Many workplace injuries and conditions can be caused or worsened by the work station and/or equipment being used. An ergonomic analysis by the Athlete's Care team of medical experts at our Ottawa clinics – including physiotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and sports medicine doctors – can pinpoint the issues and give you a plan to correct them.

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the scientific study of matching the work to the worker. This involves analysis of your work station and your movements as you use equipment which can range from a computer to machinery. Dysfunctional movements and situations create pain, to put it simply, and cause many common workplace injuries and ailments.

• Carpal tunnel syndrome - which involves the nerves of the wrist area - can be caused by working at a computer with the wrists out of a neutral (or relaxed and relatively straight) alignment.
• Back pain can be caused by an office chair that is too high, causing you to routinely slouch.
• Neck and shoulder pain can be caused by working at a keyboard that is placed too high.
• And many others!

Your Ergonomic Assessment in Ottawa

An ergonomic assessment of your work station takes approximately one hour to complete. We will analyze,

• Placement of objects and equipment
• Your posture
• Your movements – paying attention to details such as the placement and angles of your limbs, the relative amount of time spent doing various activities and more
• Among other considerations

Your assessment will be specific to your physique and your work station. Our Athlete's Care Ottawa team will provide you with a detailed report based on their findings. You'll receive,

• An evaluation of your work station according to recognized scientific principles
• A list of potentially hazardous situations that are known to contribute to injury
• A list of recommendations for amendments and modifications that will help to prevent or decrease injuries and address any specific issues that are currently presenting themselves

How extensive our analysis and report become is up to you. We will examine issues at your request along with a basic assessment.

Your work station shouldn't be injuring you every time you do your job. Let our Athlete's Care Ottawa team of medical professionals help to optimize your workplace so that you can prevent injuries and help to treat existing conditions that may be due to repetitive strain or overuse.

Make Your Appointment for an Ergonomic Assessment in Ottawa

Call us or drop by one of our convenient locations on Bank Street or Merivale Road to make an appointment for an ergonomic assessment of your work station today. Please note that many insurers do cover ergonomic assessments as part of an extended healthcare benefit plan. Check your plan or your group plan administrator today for the details.