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Chiropractic Services from Athlete's Care Ottawa

Our two convenient Ottawa locations provide chiropractic services as part of a specialized and individualized treatment for sports and other injuries and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Our Ottawa chiropractors are an integral part of a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals that includes physiotherapists, massage therapists and others, providing rehabilitative care for clients from professional athletes to motor vehicle accident victims and people suffering from everyday stresses and strains.

Our Ottawa Chiropractic Team
The chiropractors on our Ottawa based team are highly trained and experienced leaders in the field, who hold a DC or Doctor of Chiropractic designation from recognized educational facilities and have many years of clinical practice under their belts. Our Ottawa chiropractors use our proprietary Functional Integrated Therapy (F.I.T)™ approach which involves a comprehensive assessment and management of injuries, including post-surgical recovery and improving athletic performance.

The chiropractors at our Ottawa clinics are experienced in treating patients from high performance professional athletes to everyday people with everyday aches and pains. They have treated professional league athletes and Olympians, performing artists and others whose livelihood depends on their ability to function physically.

Along with their years of clinical practice, our Ottawa chiropractic team are involved in the field as educators and routinely offer professional development workshops for other healthcare practitioners. At Athlete's Care Sports Medicine Centres in Ottawa, chiropractors work within a multidisciplinary environment where they routinely consult with other healthcare providers such as orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians, physiotherapists and massage therapists to provide comprehensive patient care.

Your Chiropractic Consultation in Ottawa

Chiropractors at our Ottawa clinics are primary medical caregivers who use a variety of drug-less treatments and approaches that may involve manipulation of the spine and joints, soft tissue therapies and more to treat injuries and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. These can include both chronic conditions and acute conditions due to injury. Our Ottawa chiropractors routinely treat conditions such as,

• back pain
• neck and shoulder pain
• tension headaches
• pain in arms or legs
• workplace or motor vehicle injuries as well as sports injuries
• limited range of motion
• carpal tunnel syndrome
• elbow tendonitis ("tennis elbow")
• sciatica
• sprains
• osteoarthritis
• rotator cuff injuries
• repetitive strain injuries
• tennis elbow or frozen shoulder
• other neuromuscular disorders

When people think of chiropractic treatment, they most often focus on spinal and joint adjustments. However, there are many other aspects to chiropractic treatment that may be offered at our Ottawa locations.

• Hot and cold therapy - chiropractors may use a heat or ice or a combination of the two to stimulate blood flow to an affected area.
• Exercise - the chiropractor can develop specific exercises to help individual patients improve or restore mobility.
• Massage may also be a part of soft tissue treatment.
• Active Release Techniques® (ART®) uses specific motions to treat and help break up the build-up of scar tissue on muscles and other soft tissues.
• Frequency Specific Microcurrent uses a very low amperage electrical current to help alleviate nerve and muscle pain.
• Performance Taping uses elastic kinesiology tape to help correct muscle function.
• Laser Therapy uses infrared laser light to reduce pain and inflammation and in the treatment of scar tissue.

In addition to regular treatment programs, our Ottawa chiropractors offer the following specialized services that you can find out about at the links:

• Hockey HIP Check Program
• Concussion Evaluation Program

You can visit the Athlete's Care blog 'Chiro's Corner' for up to date news and articles written by our team of chiropractors.

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Many private and group insurers cover chiropractic treatments – check your policy to see what your plan may cover.