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Fascial Stretch Therapy at Athlete's Care Ottawa

We are pleased to offer our Ottawa clients Fascial Stretch Therapy or FST™, an effective treatment that uses a table-based method of assisted stretching to improve mobility, reduce pain and provide many other benefits. Your FST™ will take place in the context of a multidisciplinary environment and may make an effective adjunct to physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment at our Ottawa clinics.

What is Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST™)?

FST™ as we offer it in our Ottawa clinics is a patented system that is based on original research and cutting edge discoveries in the field of neuroscience. It can help you restore and/or improve function and mobility particularly as it relates to joint areas. Fascial Stretch Therapy involves a unique and complementary system of table-based exercises that emphasize working on what is called the joint capsule in order to improve flexibility and strength as well as provide relief from any pain.

The joint capsule consists of,

• The fascia - a network of connective tissue that is layered around the muscles, bones and joints
• The connective tissue structure around the joint

Disorders and imbalances in the joint capsule and fascia in general can result in a range of painful and sometimes progressive conditions. A restricted or compromised joint capsule can cause,

• Degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis
• Strains, tendonitis and tears
• Headaches, trigger points and muscle tightness from increase nervous tissue tone
• Formation of scar tissue
• Restricted blood flow
• Among others

FST™ is used by athletes at the highest levels of professional and amateur competition. Our Ottawa-based FST™ certified therapists receive extensive training at various levels and must re-certify to ensure they are providing you with up to the minute knowledge and services.

Your FST™ Consultation at our Ottawa Clinics

The system used by the medical professionals at our Ottawa locations will assist you in stretching the joint areas and the surrounding fascia to reduce restriction and bring relief. Each stretch begins with a light traction of the joint to help promote a deeper stretch. The benefits of FST™ are many and include,

• Increased mobility
• Increased blood flow and circulation
• Decreased pain
• Improved strength
• Improved balance and posture
• Better performance as an athlete
• Improved flexibility
• Injury prevention

The primary healthcare provider in our Ottawa clinic will first perform a thorough physical assessment of your sports injury or other musculoskeletal condition. FST™ may be offered as part of a comprehensive physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment. Ask your healthcare provider about whether FST™ would be of benefit in your situation.

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