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Providing the Best Sports Medicine in the Ottawa Region

Athletes Care's Ottawa locations provide you with the very best sports medicine treatment, including comprehensive care and treatment plans for sports or activity related injuries and disorders whether you are an athlete or recreational player or simply sustained an injury in the activities of day to day living. Many aches and pains are the result of everyday activities and the sports medicine specialists at our Ottawa clinics can help get you back on your feet no matter what the cause. Our sports medicine doctors work within a team of Ottawa-based medical professionals that include physiotherapists, massage therapists and many more to assess and diagnose your injury as well as guide you through a personalized plan of treatment and recovery.

Our Sports Medicine Physicians

The sports medicine physicians in our Ottawa clinics are certified specialists in their field, holders of a diploma issued by the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine. The scope of their specialty involves all physical activity and requires a detailed knowledge of anatomy and the musculoskeletal system in particular.

Our Ottawa locations are staffed with sports medicine doctors who are experienced practitioners and clinicians. They have treated professional athletes and teams at both the national and international levels, including Olympians and major league athletes. Our Ottawa-based team of sports medicine doctors are also respected educators and many of them are involved in multiple fields of medicine, bringing that varied background into their sports medicine work. You'll get the benefit of many years of experience in clinical practice and research to provide the best possible care.

Your Ottawa Sports Medicine Consultation

The sports medicine doctors at Athlete's Care Ottawa work with their colleagues within the multi-disciplinary Athlete's Care team, including orthopedic surgeons, massage therapists, physiotherapists, naturopathic doctors and many other medical professionals. The team approach is a key component of our patient-centric practice.

At Athlete's Care Ottawa, it's the job of the sports medicine physician to perform the initial examinations and consultations and to request the appropriate diagnostic tests, which may include an MRI, ultrasound or other imaging technique as dictated by the nature of the injury. After a thorough and comprehensive assessment, the sports medicine doctor will then draw up an appropriate course of treatment.

The multi-pronged approach to treatment we use at our Ottawa locations recognizes that patients are multi-faceted and that each case is unique. Various elements may be involved in an effective course of treatment, including referral to other specialists, the use of orthotics and assistive orthopedic devices such as a brace, or cutting edge procedures such as PRP (Platelet RIch Plasma) injections, medical acupuncture, laser treatments or HA (Hyaluronic Acid) viscosupplementation. The sports medicine doctor may also recommend physiotherapy, chiropractic or other treatments, including nutritional counselling and mental performance consultations.

Contact an Ottawa Sports Medicine Doctor

Athlete's Care offers two convenient Ottawa locations on Bank Street and Merivale Road for your sports medicine needs. Make an appointment today to begin your journey back to recovery from injury.

Your visit to a sports medicine physician will be covered by your valid OHIP card, with the exception of certain injected treatments. Please note that you will be informed of any additional charges that may apply in such a case.