We are excited to offer Holistic Nutrition services at our Ottawa Beechwood location. In person and virtual appointments are available. 



Visit our three Ottawa Sports Medicine Centres conveniently located on Bank Street, Merivale Road and Beechwood Avenue for all your Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, and Sports Medicine Needs.

Athlete's Care clinics offer you one-stop shopping for all your sports medicine and physical injury needs in the Ottawa area including physiotherapy, massage therapy and chiropractic services and sports medicine physician and orthopedic surgeon consultations. We add injury-specific services like medical acupuncture, orthotics and the services of naturopathic doctors among other healthcare professionals to give you all possible options for treatment. Check out our Services pages for more details.

You can be assured of comprehensive and high quality treatment from our team of Ottawa physiotherapists, sports medicine doctors, massage therapists and other trained medical practitioners. The Athlete's Care team of Ottawa sports medicine doctors and practitioners are highly experienced. They've treated professional athletes at the highest levels of competition including players in professional leagues and Olympic athletes – and they'll bring the same level of expertise and dedication to treating your injury too.

You don't have to be a professional athlete to access our Ottawa physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic or other services. Our physicians and specialists have also treated hundreds of patients from all walks of life who have sustained an injury from day to day activities, motor vehicle accidents or work-related activities.

Services We Offer At Our Ottawa Clinics

Orthopaedics in Ottawa

Orthopedic Surgeons

Our team of Ottawa orthopedic surgeons are highly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. As practicing physicians in area hospitals, they may provide direct treatment or advise other members of the Athlete's Care team.

Physiotherapy Treatment in Ottawa Provided by Athlete's Care


The highly trained Ottawa physiotherapy providers on our team are specialists when it comes to assessing and treating sports or activity related injuries. They use an active approach that encourages rehabilitation and bring years of experience to all of their patients.

Chiropractic services in Ottawa


Our Ottawa chiropractors bring years of experience both as clinicians and teachers in the field to each case. They specialize in treatment of soft tissue injuries that can be difficult to manage and their client roster includes high profile athletes and performing artists.

Sports Massage Therapy in Ottawa

Massage Therapy

Our team of highly experienced and trained Ottawa massage therapists are on top of the latest techniques and procedures to help their clients rehabilitate and regain mobility following an injury. They will personalize a plan that makes sense for each individual client.

Naturopathic Medicine clinic in Ottawa

Naturopathic Doctors

Our Ottawa naturopathic doctors combine knowledge of modern medical science with traditional and holistic methods to stimulate the body's healing processes. They can customize a treatment plan to each individual case and use a variety of methods in conjunction with other members of our team.

Custom Foot Orthotics in Ottawa


Custom orthotics can help in the treatment of a variety of biomechanical disorders, improving mobility and balance as they protect weak or injured joints and limbs. The Athlete's Care team of qualified specialists can outfit you with an orthotic that fits your lifestyle within the context of a comprehensive treatment plan.

Concussion Management in Ottawa

Concussion Evaluation

Managing a concussion in an individualized manner and with evidence-based techniques is the best way to get patients back to sport, academics, or employment activities safely. Our team of Toronto physiotherapists and chiropractors are trained to effectively provide a seamless and collaborative approach to assessing and managing each athlete, tailoring rehabilitative strategies to the individual needs of the patient.