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GYROTONIC® Training at Athlete's Care Ottawa

We provide GYROTONIC® Training by a highly trained and qualified massage therapist at our Ottawa locations. Your Gyrotonic training will be overseen by a registered massage therapist who has also become a Certified GYROTONIC® Trainer and may be provided in the context of a comprehensive physiotherapy or massage therapy treatment plan. At Athlete's Care we value a multidisciplinary environment for patient-centric care.

What is GYROTONIC® Training?

The GYROTONIC® Method as we train it at our Ottawa clinics is essentially a sequence of exercises that flow together rhythmically, designed in patterns that are tied to your breathing. It is a unique, patented practice based on the principles of yoga, tai chi and dance and it involves circular and spiralling movements, where one flows directly into the next ideally in seamless motion. These carefully designed sequences of movements allow for a full range of motion through the joints without compression or stresses. The sequences have been put together with great care taken to maximize the benefits for,

• Improving balance
• Efficiency of movement
• Strength without strain
• Building flexibility

The Gyrotonic method taught by our Athlete's Care Ottawa team uses specialized equipment designed to allow the movements of the body to flow and transition smoothly from one exercise to the next. The equipment enhances the natural movements of the musculoskeletal system and can be adjusted to custom fit your situation and physique, including options for variables such as,

• Height
• Ability and muscle strength
• Length of arms and legs

Because of the unique and beneficial nature of Gyrotonic training, it can be of benefit to those recovering from sports and activity related injuries and conditions as well as those suffering from a number of chronic conditions such as arthritis. The emphasis on balance and reducing stresses and jarring movements can be extremely helpful in rehabilitation with a view towards returning to normal activities after an injury.

Your GYROTONIC® Training at Athlete's Care Ottawa

Your Gyrotonic training at our Ottawa clinics will be taken with a registered massage therapist who is also a Certified GYROTONIC® Trainer and may be your primary caregiver. Gyrotonic training can be incorporated into a physiotherapy, massage therapy or other treatment plan and may be part of a multidisciplinary and comprehensive treatment or rehabilitation plan.

Our Certified GYROTONIC® Trainer will guide you through the exercises and provide feedback as well as oversee your progress. Certification requires a demanding educational program – the first level of which alone requires 188 hours of practice – and continuous re-certification. You can be sure that your results will be optimized by their expert care and guidance.

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GYROTONIC training is offered as part of our massage therapy or physiotherapy services and will be covered along with those services by most extended healthcare plans. Please check with your plan or your group plan administrator for the details.

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