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PRP Injection Therapy at Athlete's Care Ottawa Clinics

Our two convenient Ottawa locations offer PRP Injection Therapy to our sports medicine and other clients. Athletes at the highest levels of professional and amateur competition have used PRP to heal from injuries and get back to elite performance levels more quickly. This treatment is based on science and clinical research and we are pleased to be able to offer it at our Ottawa facilities performed under the supervision of a primary caregiver such as a sports medicine doctor, physiotherapist or chiropractor in a multidisciplinary medical clinic environment.

What Is PRP Injection Therapy?

In essence, PRP Injection Therapy as it is provided in our Ottawa clinics involves taking your own blood, enriching the plasma with platelets and then re-introducing it to your body. Blood is largely made up of a liquid called plasma. The solid units are the red and white blood cells along with platelets. Platelets are extremely important since they are responsible for the clotting process. One of the components of platelets is a material called growth factor. It is vital to the healing process. Adding more platelets results in an increase in the concentration of growth factors in the blood, which has been shown in clinical tests to accelerate the healing process. Growth factor plays a role in initiating the healing process in connective tissues, bones and the creation of new blood vessels among others. PRP – or platelet rich plasma – is then injected into the affected area directly to help heal.

Your PRP Injection Therapy at Athlete's Care Ottawa

At your appointment for the PRP procedure at one of our Ottawa clinics, you'll be thoroughly assessed by a primary caregiver such as a sports medicine physician, physiotherapist, massage therapist or chiropractor. If it is determined that you would benefit from PRP injection treatment, the first step involves taking some of your own blood. The platelets are removed and put through a process called centrifugation which increases their concentration.

The process we use at our Ottawa clinics boosts the concentration of growth factor by up to 500% to a level that will produce optimal environments for healing processes to take place. The PRP is then reintroduced to the blood and it is injected back into your own body. The entire process is safe and performed by licensed and accredited sports medicine professionals in our Ottawa clinics.

What to Expect from Your Athlete's Care Ottawa PRP Injection Therapy

Please note that PRP helps to speed up the body's own processes. This will not produce an immediate effect - rather, it will be experienced as an improvement in overall healing. PRP is often used to treat common injuries encountered by professional athletes such as a pulled hamstring muscle or sprained knees.

Research has also shown that PRP can be very effective in treating chronic conditions that develop over time such as elbow tendonitis or tennis elbow along with a number of other conditions, including,

• Chronic tendon injuries such as chronic Achilles tendonitis or inflammation of the patellar tendon at the knee (jumper's knee)
• Acute sports injuries, often to the ligaments and muscles
• Knee Arthritis

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