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Athletic Therapy in Ottawa

Our Athlete's Care Ottawa team includes Certified Athletic Therapists or CATs. These highly trained and skilled professionals specialize in the treatment of both acute and chronic injuries to the musculoskeletal system. We offer two convenient locations to serve the Ottawa region's athletic therapy needs.

The Ottawa Athletic Therapist Team

The Athlete's Care Ottawa Certified Athletic Therapist team has worked with professional athletes at the highest levels of competition, including players in professional leagues and Olympic athletes. They have provided coverage for many sporting events and bring a wealth of practical experience to each case.

While the services of Certified Athletic Therapists are most often associated with elite level athletes, in practice they may work with anyone from the pros to recreational athletes to everyday people with everyday injuries. They can help their clients heal from,

• Sports and activity related injuries
• Workplace and motor vehicle accident injuries
• Both chronic and acute conditions
• Orthopedic (bone) and soft tissue injuries
• Pre- and post-surgery treatment

Our Athletic Therapists work within our Ottawa team of medical professionals, including physiotherapists, sports medicine doctors, massage therapists and others who bring years of clinical experience to each case. We strongly believe in the effectiveness of a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. The Athletic Therapist may guide your treatment plan or work in consultation with other practitioners.

Your Ottawa Athletic Therapy Consultation

Our Ottawa-based Athletic Therapists are experts in the assessment of injuries to the musculoskeletal system as well as active rehabilitation from injury and even injury prevention. They use the active or sports medicine model of rehabilitation which is highly effective in accelerating the pace of recovery. They can help you heal faster by using and recommending a range of techniques.

All of the Athletic Therapists in our Ottawa clinics are certified and have undergone the CAT educational program, a rigorous post-graduate program that includes 1200 hours of practical experience along with both written and practical exams. In order to stay certified, CATs are required to participate in ongoing education and adhere to a very strict Code of Ethics. Certified Athletic Therapists are typically seasoned medical professionals who hold a number of designations. Their services can help to improve,

• Strength and conditioning
• Mobility and range of motion
• Rehabilitation and recovery from injury

Whether you are a professional or recreational athlete or injury victim, their job is to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Part of their role it also to educate their clients on the best methods for injury prevention. Preventive services may include evaluation of posture or stance, equipment selection and fitting, development of conditioning programs, warm-up and cool-down routines, taping to support specific areas of the body and more.

Make Your Appointment with an Ottawa Athletic Therapist

Athlete's Care offers you two convenient locations on Bank Street and Merivale Road in Ottawa – make your appointment with a Certified Athletic Therapist by calling us or visiting one of our clinics.

The services of a Certified Athletic Therapist are covered by some health insurance plans. Please consult your plan or policy to see if you have coverage.