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Hockey Injury Prevention (H.I.P) - Hockey Hip Check Program at Athlete's Care Ottawa

Hip injuries are common in the world of competitive hockey - and a major concern to Ottawa area hockey parents. The specialized Hockey Injury Prevention (H.I.P) - Hockey Hip Check Program offered by the team of Chiropractors at Athlete's Care in Ottawa is specifically designed to provide a comprehensive plan for avoiding injuries and future problems for today's athletes at any level of competition. Our Ottawa team of experienced chiropractors has treated NHL players, recreational and amateur players and helped them optimize their game play as they avoided injury.

Hockey Injury Prevention (H.I.P) - Hockey Hip Check Program

The Hockey Hip Check Program offered at our Ottawa locations recognizes the realities of the game. Skating requires constant movements that are unnatural and do not conform to our natural gaits. Hours and hours of practice compound the effect and can result in tight hips, where certain muscles are overused, and can lead to injury. It's therefore crucially important to add off-ice training and exercise to the on-ice regimen to avoid setting players up for hip problems later in life.

With younger players, prevention is crucial. Their musculature and musculoskeletal system may still be developing and extended hours of practice can be creating problems they will feel most in the future. Stretching is a good way to loosen the muscles that tend to be overused in playing hockey. The musculature around the hips is intricate and complex and it requires attention at every level of competitive play. In addition to the immediate area and structure of the hips, tight hips can result in lower back and groin issues as well.

Your Hockey Hip Check at our Ottawa Clinics

The first step in your participation in the Hockey Hip Check program is a thorough evaluation by a chiropractor at one of our Ottawa locations. The chiropractor, as your primary caregiver, will then draw up a plan tailored to your specific needs and situation, as well as taking your future needs into account.

Our team of experienced Ottawa-based Chiropractors uses a comprehensive approach that includes patient/player education and lifestyle plans as well as preventative treatment. NHL players of the highest calibre such as Mike Cammalleri and PK Subhan have benefited from the Athlete's Care approach to hockey hip treatment.

Set Up Your Appointment for the Hockey Hip Check Program in Ottawa

We offer two convenient locations on Bank Street and Merivale Road in Ottawa to provide the Hockey Injury Prevention (H.I.P) - Hockey Hip Check Program as a specialized part of our general chiropractic services. Call us or drop by to visit one of our clinics to make your appointment today.