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NIKE Golf Performance Program

Athlete's Care offers our Ottawa and region clients the Nike Golf Performance Program, a proven and effective golf specific assessment and training package. Our Ottawa-based Nike Golf Performance Specialist will perform a wide spectrum functional assessment using the NG360 Functional Performance System Approach. You'll be able to optimize your natural talents and correct any issues with your technique to get more out of the game whether you're a pro, semi-pro or dedicated amateur player.

What is The NG360 Functional Performance System?

The NG360 Functional Performance System we use at our Ottawa locations represents an approach to assessing and evaluating your performance of certain actions within a golf specific context. This logical approach assesses functionality according to recognized principles and develops both strategies and techniques that are customized to your golf swing.

The NG360 Functional Performance System can be used by golfers at any skill level, from amateurs to players on the professional circuit. It offers a scientific method for analyzing your golf swing and then devising ways of correcting any dysfunctional movements or habits. It's a tool for future training that will bring better results.

Our Nike Golf Performance Specialists (NG360) are registered physiotherapists who have added this specialty to their extensive experience in the healthcare field. They are certified by Nike Golf through an educational program at the Gray Institute.

Your NG360 Functional Performance System Evaluation from Athlete's Care Ottawa

Your NG360 Functional Performance System evaluation at our Ottawa clinic will begin with a one-on-one assessment of the biomechanics of your golf swing using Applied Functional Science principles. Our highly trained Nike Golf Performance Specialist will use the results to design an exercise and training program that effectively addresses your needs.

The Nike Golf Performance Specialists in our Ottawa clinics use a unique approach that integrates the various elements involved in correcting or improving your golf swing. The NG360 Functional Performance System includes a vast library of exercises that our Nike Golf Performance Specialists will customize to your individual situation. You'll get up to the minute advice from cutting edge sources, including golf warm-ups and cool-downs, strength building exercises and more.

What it Can Do

The integrated approach used at our Ottawa clinics means you'll be able to improve several areas that will benefit your golf game overall, including,

• Mobility
• Stability and balance
• Flexibility

An NG360 Functional Performance System evaluation can help address many specific and often persistent issues with your golf game, including,

• Identify any dysfunctions in your movements - these are often masked by compensatory movements we inadvertently develop to rebalance
• Optimize your individual skill set so you can make the most of your natural talents
• Help you work on and bolster your back end and follow through

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