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Nutritional Counselling at Athlete's Care Ottawa

We offer nutritional counselling services at our two convenient Ottawa clinics. Whether you are a high performance athlete recovering from injury or suffer from a wide variety of different conditions, diet plays a crucial role. Our Athlete's Care Ottawa team includes a registered dietitian who can help clients achieve a wide range of nutritional goals and may work in conjunction with physiotherapy, chiropractic or other treatment regimens.

What to Expect from Your Nutritional Counselling at our Ottawa Clinics

It's often said that we are what we eat and whether we are in perfect health or are ill or suffering from any number of conditions, diet is crucial to the maintenance and restoration of good health and healthy states. For high performance athletes, diet is crucial to their success. A registered dietician can provide advice and meal plans designed for optimal performance. When recovering from an injury, nutritional counselling can put them on the road to healing more quickly.

The registered dietician at our Ottawa facilities is an experienced professional who will assess your needs and design a nutritional plan customized for your situation. Diet plays a key role in many conditions. Nutritional counselling can help in the treatment of many issues including,

• Digestive issues such as gas, heart burn and bloating, constipation or diarrhea
• Weight gain or loss
• Blood sugar maintenance and diabetes management
• Low energy levels and fatigue
• Insomnia
• Headaches
• Arthritis
• Skin conditions
• Management of chronic conditions such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels
• Cancer and other chronic disease
• Allergies and food sensitivities

The registered dietician can also give advice on a number of healthy living topics and situations such as,

• Sports Nutrition & Proper Hydration
• Weight Loss & Management
• Healthy Snacking, Meal Ideas & Recipes
• Eating on a Budget
• Mindless Eating
• And more

At Athlete's Care, our Ottawa clinics operate in a multidisciplinary environment that includes a number of other healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists and sports medicine physicians who may be working in consultation with your registered dietician.

Make an Appointment for Nutritional Counselling in Ottawa Today

Call one of our convenient Ottawa locations on Bank Street or Merivale Road or drop by for a visit to make your appointment today. The services of a registered dietician are covered by most extended healthcare benefit plans in Ontario. Please check your plan or group plan administrator to determine your coverage.