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Pilates Rehab at Athlete's Care Ottawa

We offer Pilates rehabilitation services at our two convenient Ottawa locations. Pilates rehab uses the safe and effective Stott Pilates method in a plan that is customized for the needs of sports injury patients. Your Pilates rehab treatment at our multidisciplinary Ottawa clinics will be provided by a registered massage therapist or physiotherapist who is also a Certified Stott Pilates instructor. Our goal is to help you heal from a sports injury and Pilates rehab can get you back on your feet more quickly.

What is Pilates Rehab?

Pilates is a tried and true method of exercise first developed in the early 1900's. Our Athlete's Care Ottawa Pilates Rehab practitioners use the Stott Pilates method, a contemporary approach that is safe, effective and based on a modern understanding of the science of exercise.

The major principles of Pilates are,

• Breathing
• Balance
• Control
• Focus

The overall goal is to correct and optimize your posture within the framework of overall fitness. As an exercise regimen, Pilates is used by many celebrities, performers and professional athletes to keep toned and fit.

Therapeutic Pilates at Our Ottawa Clinics

At our Ottawa clinics, we use Pilates rehab in a therapeutic application of the method. We select specific exercises that suit your individual needs as an adjunct to physiotherapy, massage therapy or chiropractic services as part of a comprehensive treatment plan recommended by your primary caregiver. Your individualized exercise plan may be based on either floor exercises or on our equipment (The Reformer).

Your therapeutic Pilates treatment plan will be based on a thorough assessment of your condition that takes into account,

• Dysfunctional movements
• Mobility impairments
• Biomechanical dysfunctions
• Muscle and other imbalances

The one-on-one consultations and the customized exercise plan we develop for you can help you heal and rehabilitate from injury in a number of ways.

• Increase core strength for balance and stability
• Improve mobility, including peripheral mobility

Our scientifically proven approach will address your condition and help you get back on your feet more quickly and more effectively. Pilates can be of great help when it comes to repetitive strain or other injuries caused by imbalances and dysfunctional movements. It can also help you regain strength when recovering from an acute injury.

As you progress, your physical abilities and needs will change and your Certified Stott Pilates instructor will modify the exercise regimen accordingly. This is an exercise regimen that has been proven effective over many years of use and our expert team of practitioners can make it work for your needs in healing and rehabilitating from a sports injury.

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