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Video Analysis at our Ottawa Clinics

We are pleased to offer Video Analysis services at our Ottawa clinics. Video analysis can be a powerful tool for the management of injured or rehabilitating patients as well as for uninjured athletes who are looking to improve their game play. Our Ottawa team of experienced sports medicine practitioners - including physiotherapists, chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons and others - can then provide a detailed picture of your current situation as well as a plan for future improvement.

Video Motion Analysis – What to Expect

The Athlete's Care Ottawa team uses both static and dynamic digital video to analyze your posture and movement in detail. They will examine your movements repeatedly, looking for the sometimes small cues and changes that let them know what actions or techniques require correction.

Video motion analysis is performed in our multidisciplinary environment in conjunction with a comprehensive clinical examination. This allows for a specific analysis in the context of your current condition. It lets our sports medicine professionals tailor solutions to your specific situation.

For Sports Injuries

Many sports injuries, including both acute injuries and those that stem from muscle overuse, can occur as the result of flaws in technique, improper posture or movements. After an injury, your movement patterns may be altered. Video analysis can help to correct both sets of problematic issues. Our Athlete's Care Ottawa team can pinpoint the issue – the cause of pain, discomfort or dysfunction – and develop a plan to help you overcome it.

Improved Performance for Athletes

Even in the absence of a sports injury, the video analysis services provided at our Ottawa clinics can help you raise your game and unlock your true potential as an athlete, whether you are a professional or amateur competitor. Video analysis can help improve your performance levels by providing direct feedback on your play in action. It lets you - or your coach - make good decisions about your progress and how to optimize your potential.

If participation in sports is causing you undue pain, it can be due to incorrect technique. For example, tennis elbow is one of the most common sports injuries related to repetitive actions and it can be caused by faulty technique. Hitting a backhand stroke improperly - with the elbow bent too far - results in overuse of the extensor and radialis brevis muscles (the forearm musculature). Putting too great a load on the smaller, weaker forearm muscles results in a recurring strain or micro-trauma every time the backhand is used. Video analysis can find this error and allow a plan to correct the backhand swing by straightening the elbow and allowing the stronger upper arm muscles and the swing of the body to take the brunt of the load.

Our Athlete's Care Ottawa team can liaise with your coach to provide a detailed analysis and training plan for a number of different issues, including,

  • Correcting golf swing
  • Correcting tennis serve
  • Improving running technique
  • Improving pitching technique
  • Cycling/bike fit analysis
  • And more

Your Appointment for Video Analysis in Ottawa

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