Manual Osteopath

Location: Ottawa, Bank StreetOttawa, Merivale


Neha Joshi graduated from the National Academy of Osteopathy in 2022. Before getting her diploma as a Manual Osteopath she studied Bachelor of Physiotherapy from India and did MSc.in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation from Oxford, UK. She has 3 years of experience working in a healthcare startup in India, where she worked as a clinical physiotherapist and hiring manager. She moved to the UK to work with the NHS (National Health Service) as a clinical physiotherapist for about 1.5 years before moving to Canada. Having worked in India, UK and Canada she decided to specialize in treating Chronic Pain and hence became a Manual Osteopath.

She also specializes in treating Shoulder, TMJ and Cranio-Sacral conditions. Apart from her professional background Neha loves dogs and is obsessed with her little beagle Tubby. Having been born and raised in a multicultural country India she also loves to travel, learn and explore different cultures around the world. Neha will not only ensure to provide the right treatment but also educate you on the importance of ergonomics and exercises and help you implement it in your daily activities.