Five Tips On How To Add Physical Activity To Your Day - Everyday  

Whether you are training for a marathon or just trying to get through the work week, our Ottawa physiotherapy and chiropractic professionals know we can all benefit from being more physically active. It's a shocking statistic, but almost 70 percent of Canadians spend most of their waking hours sitting down. That alone has been identified as a health risk, and one that contributes to obesity, and chronic disease like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer.

Finding The Time

You may be used to thinking only in terms of half hour or hour-long workout, but adding a little more exercise to everyday activities does make a difference. Research has shown that as little as 15 minutes a day can make a positive difference in terms of fitness.

Now, that 15 minutes is a minimum, but more physical activity doesn't have to involve large blocks of time you just can't seem to fit into your schedule. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised that according to its own examination of the research data, several short workouts spread across the day can provide just as much benefit as one longer one.

Get Started

If you are limiting yourself to walking and stair climbing, and you’re in good health and shape already, there’s nothing to worry about. But, if you are concerned about pre-existing conditions like arthritis or a prior knee surgery, or if the stairs involve more than three or four stories, then you’ll want to consult one of our Ottawa physiotherapy and sports medicine specialists for advice on how to proceed.

Here are some ideas you can incorporate into any day:

  1. Walk whenever you can. Ditch the elevator or escalator and take the stairs whenever it’s possible. If your destination is 20 floors up, take the elevator to the 16th or 17th floor and walk the last 3 or 4 stories.
  1. In bad weather, find an indoor area like a large shopping mall where you can walk easily and have ready access.
  1. Speaking of shopping malls – they often have huge parking lots. It’s an opportunity to park as far away as you can, walking briskly enough back and forth to count as moderate exercise. If your shopping spree is fruitful, you can add a little weight training on the way back!
  1. Are you a soccer mom or dad? Got your kids in baseball? Instead of sitting down the entire game, take the opportunity to walk up and down the sidelines while you watch your little ones play.
  1. If you take the subway, bus or other public transportation, get off a stop or two early and make it a quick 10 minute or more walk to add to your day. If you take it to work, you’re adding 20 minutes exercise to your day, five days a week.

Make it enjoyable by taking along music, or choosing winding routes through pleasant streets – whatever your strategy, the more you enjoy it, the more motivation you’ll maintain.

For any advice on physical activity and how it can benefit you, or specific suggestions on what types of exercise would be best in your case, don’t hesitate to call or come by one of our Ottawa physiotherapy and sports medicine clinics to make an appointment.




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