How To Enjoy Running In The Rain  

Our Ottawa physiotherapists, chiropractors, and other sports medicine specialists get it. When it comes to runners, there are those who really love running in the rain, and others who couldn't think of anything they'd rather do less.

Being prepared can make all the difference – including the difference between hating that run in the rain and actually enjoying the experience. Yes, you will get wet, but look on the bright side. The rain will keep you cooler, potentially boosting your performance, and giving you an extra challenge to conquer for a boost to your day.

Adjust to conditions

You don’t need to be anxious or over compensate, but you do need to be aware and adjust to the conditions you find when you step outside.

  • Take smaller steps, and be extra careful where you step.
  • Avoid puddles – naturally.
  • Be visible, and wear a brightly coloured jacket, armband, or other highly visible piece of clothing.

Choose the right clothing
The right clothing – a runner’s essential gear – is everything. If you have any questions about what to look for, our Ottawa sports medicine specialists are ready with answers.

  • Start with a hat that has a brim long enough to protect your face and eyes from drips. A baseball cap will do if you don’t have a runner’s hat. You’ll want to have two on hand – lighter for spring and summer, thicker for fall and winter, with a fleece headband you can add to cover your ears when it’s extra cool and/or windy.
  • Avoid cotton – it acts like a sponge, soaking up any water, and then staying wet.
  • Choose a waterproof jacket with a breathable lining that won’t leave you sweaty underneath.
  • Wear tighter, stretchy clothes under your jacket rather than loose, baggy clothing. When it gets wet, baggy clothes will only add extra weight and awkwardness when you move.
  • Add more layers in between a breathable inner layer that wicks away sweat and a waterproof outer layer as temperatures fall.
  • Get a pair of waterproof running shoes you’ll wear only on rainy days, to protect your everyday favourites.
  • Don’t forget your socks, and don’t skimp on quality. It’s especially important to avoid cotton or even cotton blends. Many runner’s prefer wool socks in all types of weather

Quick fixes

Here are some quick ideas to get you out there enjoying the rain.

  • A plastic garbage bag with a hole cut for your head makes a great rain poncho in a pinch.
  • Use a quick dab of petroleum gel at underarms, inner thighs, and other areas where you are prone to chafing to avoid irritation.
  • Carry an extra, and dry, pair of socks with you in a plastic bag.

After the run

Taking care of the details after your run will make sure that tomorrow’s run – and the rest of your day – is equally as pleasurable.

  • Change out of wet clothing right away, once you get back home, or even once you cross the finish line if you’re in a race. Even if you feel warm, you may be at risk of hypothermia.
  • Get out of your wet shoes as soon as you can too. Stuffing them with crumpled newspaper absorbs the excess water, and also helps to cut down on odour.

Take care and enjoy your run in the rain, and if you have any questions about gear, or you’d like to get started running, our Ottawa physiotherapists and chiropractors are here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our Ottawa physiotherapy clinics today.


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