Tips For Staying Fit While You Work At Home  

Working from home is a regular and even permanent situation for more and more of our Ottawa area physiotherapy and sports medicine clients. There are advantages when it comes to commuting and all that expense, but at home, it’s also easy to fall into bad habits.

Your musculoskeletal health and fitness can slide in an environment where you can wear pyjamas all day, and there’s no one around to see you slouching at your laptop.

Here are some ideas on how to incorporate fitness into your home office routine.

Set Up Your Work Station

Start out the right way by setting up your work station with ergonomic principles. If followed correctly, you won’t be adding any undue strain to your body as you sit and work.

  • A good chair with a supportive back is essential – the couch won’t do.
  • Avoid strain to your wrists, hands, and forearms with the right angles and position of your chair, desk and computer keyboard.
  • Pay attention to your posture as you sit – keep that back straight, and shoulders down.

Our Ottawa physiotherapists and other sports medicine specialists can provide advice and an ergonomic assessment of your work area.

Stretch It Out

Stretching promotes blood flow, and helps to loosen up tight muscles.

  • Stretching twice a day helps keep you flexible, and can help alleviate or forestall back and shoulder pain.
  • Stretch upper and lower body and limbs.
  • Stretching the arms, wrists, and forearms can help to avoid pain from over-use.

Keep Fitness Equipment Handy

The closer you keep fitness equipment, the easier it will be to take fitness breaks from your workday.

  • Keep hand weights handy;
  • A kettle bell is easy to pick up for a quick set;
  • Resistance bands can be used for stretches to loosen up tight shoulders and arms anytime;
  • Leave enough room beside your work station for a yoga mat.

Go Online For Fitness

Stuck for workout ideas? Or, just looking to shake up your routine. The online world is full of help.

  • Try online coaching in Pilates or calisthenics;
  • Schedule an online yoga class for a daily or weekly break;
  • YouTube is full of videos to improve sports techniques, get workout ideas and much more.

Workout Twice Or More

Two workouts is better than one. The boost to your metabolism and your general fitness is more than doubled.

  • Workout in the morning, before breakfast, with an emphasis on cardio.
  • Add a second workout either before lunch or just before dinner, with an emphasis on resistance and weight training.

Build Movement Into Your Day

Avoid taking the easy way out. With delivery and online service available for so many things nowadays, it’s tempting just to never leave the house.

  • Ditch your car, and walk, cycle, or take public transit to run errands or get to business meetings.
  • Schedule meetings with clients and coworkers in an active mode, if you can – go for walks, or meet for lunch at the end of a good hike.

Eat Right

Stick to good dietary principles, even when it’s tempting to give in to snack cravings.

  • Just don’t buy it – leave the unhealthy snacks in the store, and stock your own shelves with nutrient-dense snacks like nuts, fruit or veggies.
  • Stick to regular meals, and avoid the urge for constant snacking.


Our Ottawa physiotherapists and other sports medicine specialists can answer your fitness questions, and provide guidance that’s tailored to your situation. Contact one of our Ottawa physiotherapy and chiropractic clinics today for a consultation.




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