Massage Therapy - What Should I Expect In My First Visit With An RMT?  

If you've never paid a visit to an RMT, you may be full of questions. There are many types of establishments that offer massages of various kinds, from strip mall spas to airports to sports medicine clinics like our Ottawa physiotherapy locations. At Athlete's Care Ottawa, massage therapy is offered as a treatment for sports or other types of injuries, just like physiotherapy or other medical treatment.

Your massage therapist is a trained medical professional and will make sure you are comfortable throughout the process. They may use various techniques and processes customized to your individual condition. Here are some guidelines on what to expect. 


If you have just started new medication, massage therapy can actually affect the dose. Consult your medical practitioner(s) about how to proceed in that case. Massage therapy is also best delayed if you are currently still healing from skin conditions like a sunburn.

Food & drink

It is best if you are well hydrated when you receive massage therapy, so be sure to drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your treatment. It's best to be well hydrated at all times! It is also best to avoid eating just before the massage. Make it a pre-meal appointment.


At our Ottawa physiotherapy clinics, your massage therapy will be provided in the context of a comprehensive medical treatment plan that will include a medical history. Even if that has already taken place, it would be best to arrive prepared to discuss your health history both past and current, including any medications you are taking. Massage therapy affects the body's cardiovascular and nervous systems as well as the musculo-skeletal system, so it is important that your massage therapist is fully aware of any physical conditions or symptoms that you are experiencing. The information may also affect the type of massage technique that is chosen.

What do I wear?

Aim for comfortable clothing in general. The RMT will only need to expose and work on the area in question. That may or may not involve undressing and if so, sheets are used to cover up everything else and make sure you are comfortable with the process.

Just relax!

Massage therapy works best when you are comfortable and fully relaxed. It's important for you to let your massage therapist know if there is anything causing you discomfort or even if you don't like the technique being employed. Our Ottawa massage therapists are focused on improving your situation and will make any adjustments that need to be made. Remember to breathe. Many people unconsciously hold their breath or otherwise brace themselves when the RMT gets to a painful area. Tensing up works against what the massage can achieve.

After your first session, you'll be counting the days until the second – massage therapy can work wonders for general relaxation as well as to aid in healing and recovery from injury or degenerative conditions. Call our Ottawa physiotherapy clinic today to talk about what massage therapy can do for you.


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