The Benefits of Virtual Physiotherapy  

Virtual physiotherapy? Our Ottawa physiotherapy and sports medicine clinics deliver safe and effective virtual physiotherapy treatment to many clients, from office workers to professional athletes.

Many people have questions about the benefits of virtual versus in-person physiotherapy, a treatment many automatically associate with hands-on procedures. But, the research shows it can be just as effective – and in some cases, even more so.

The definition of virtual physiotherapy is simple – therapy delivered online via video conferencing.

  • The patient takes the lead in setting goals for themselves.
  • The physiotherapist is on hand to guide, provide advice, experience, and knowledge.

Here’s a look at the benefits.

  • Virtual physiotherapy, also called tele-rehabilitation, provides patients with the core benefits of patient care in the privacy of their own homes, from initial consultation through diagnosis, treatment, advice and education.
  • What’s new is that appointments, maintenance and follow-up consultations can be much more easily scheduled according to your needs – there’s no travel time to worry about.
  • Another feature that is unique to tele-rehabilitation is the ability of your Ottawa physiotherapist to see your living space, and customize treatment and exercise plans accordingly.
  • That view of your environment may point to better ways of addressing any functional restrictions, and suggestions that will result in improved accessibility.
  • Patients can be guided through soft tissue treatments such as self-trigger point release by their physiotherapist in a virtual appointment.
  • Along with direct consultations with a physiotherapist, online treatment brings access to multimedia resources, including reports and other documentation, online diary-keeping to assess progress, and videos.
  • A European research study found that the patients who reported the best results checked with videos after a session with the physiotherapists. A demonstration and then reinforcement with the video as reference brought effective treatment results.
  • A follow-up via email can also be a way to provide descriptive images and detailed instructions that you can refer to later on.
  • Your physiotherapist will be able to monitor your progress in a real-world home setting. It gives them a very realistic picture of how to fine tune your treatment plan.

A study from the United Kingdom assessed the results of 27,000 patients in a virtual physiotherapy treatment program. The positive results show that tele-rehabilitation should become a part of the regular options available for treatment.

  • Patients reported a big thumb’s up when it comes to the issue of convenience – no travel time is needed, no time off work when appointments can be scheduled at their convenience. Naturally, safety during the pandemic is also a benefit of virtual physiotherapy.

Our Ottawa physiotherapists are ready to answer your questions about virtual physiotherapy and schedule an appointment at your convenience. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our Ottawa physiotherapy and sports medicine clinics today.


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